Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fat Guy Gets Fit Episode 4 - Pushups, Portions, Power Words, Promos - 6.6.06

Fat Guy Gets Fit Episode 4- covering Pushups, Portions, Power words, and Promos.

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We discuss pushups, including a few ways to get them done, especially if you're not 100% on them. I cover portion sizes for food a little bit. I discuss power words (and tell you to look for a supplemental podcast for it), covering also the reading of good books about athletes and inspiring people. I talked about a few magazines I get monthly that help motivate me as well. Links to those are below.

I also got promos from Adam Tinkoff of Burning 20, and Christopher S. Penn of Financial Aid Podcast. Those were fun, as I am enjoying meeting folks in the podcasting world, and learning more about others while I'm at it. Their promos both have fitness or nutrition advice, too. Send YOUR mp3 promo or 1 minute fitness/nutrition/self-esteem hack to chris at fat guy gets fit dot com.

These are the books and magazines I mentioned during the podcast (If you can't see these via the RSS feed, come to Fat Guy Gets Fit to see the links.

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