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Fat Guy Gets Fit Episode 6- Come Out and Play

Fat Guy Gets Fit - Ep 6 - Come Out and Play, Tips for Eating Out, Your Picks for the 12 Week Fitness Challenge, and a Check-In with Katrina and me.

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This episode covers the topics of playing outdoors, including ways to burn calories while having fun in the sun. We talk also about tips for eating out at Chinese Restaurants, drive-thru for two fast food restaurants, and also barbecue tips. Then, we delve into your choices for the 12 week challenge (at least those of you who emailed me and gave me permission to share them).

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And here are the 12 Week Challenge entries we received:

Chris in Berkley

- Number of Veggie portions consumed in a day. Now 2. Goal: 4

* Amount of water consumed in a day. Now: don't know. Goal 3 glasses.
* Time biking. Now: 0 to 10 min . Goal: 30 min
* Time walking. Now 0 to 10 mjin . Goal: 30 min
* Number of minutes exercising in a given day. Now 0. Goal 15 min


* Eat Healthier (Reduce sweets and caffeine and soda)
* Lose Weight (20 lbs)
* Exercise More (at least 15 minutes a day)
* Eat at least 5 servings of fruit a day
* Drink at least 70 oz of water a day


1. lose 7 lbs to meet ww goal
2. train for 2 sprint distance triathlons to be completed by 8/17
3. double my current daily veggie consumption
4. encorporate 3 days of ab work per week
5. consume a minimum of 64 oz of water a day

Chris from Littleton, CO

Five things:
Amount of Water consumed in a day
Number of Pushups and Situps in a row.
Miles run/walked
Number of desserts, junk food, sweetened tea or suger energy drinks
(trying to get to none)
Number of healthy meals cooked myself.

Jon from Arizona:

1. Reduce weight (Current: 248 lbs.; Goal: 230)
2. Increase push-up total (Current: 10; Goal: 30)
3. Reduce avg. daily caloric intake (Current: 2500; Goal: 2000)
4. Wake up at 6 a.m. more often (Current: 2 days/week; Goal: 6)
5. Read books more consistently (Current: 2 days/week; Goal: 5)

Weight - I'm back at 164 from a recent low of 153 and a previous high of 174. I want to maintain a 148-152 range.

Nutrition - Getting back "on plan" as the saying goes in my house(WW)) I am guessing that I am consuming somewhere on the order of 50 points/day with a current allowance of 23. Portion control is the problem….I eat very well otherwise.

Fitness - 3-5 walks or runs/week, I fell off dramatically from a regular schedule. Push-ups and Sit ups (I need to establish a baseline on this).

Sleep - Lights out by 10:30 has to be the norm for me to be healthy and happy.


1) Lose weight (measured in lbs)
2) Increase Calcium intake daily (measured in servings of dairy products or calcium enriched foods/drinks)
3) Stick to fitness schedule - Bike 2 days/Swim 1 day/Run at least 3 days (measured by tracking each workout accomplished - and there haven't been many lately)
4) Increase number of chin-ups I'm able to do (right now the number is 0)
5) Increase the number of times daily that I positively affirm myself and my abilities (sometimes that's around 0 too).


1) Loss 10 kg. As of last week I was 119 kg and as of August 13th I
plan to be 109 kg (240 lbs).
2) Become Vegan. Right now I am a flexitarian in transition to a more
raw vegan diet.
3) Have a romantic encounter. I am a single dad who would like some
feminine confirmation of my progress.
4) Begin my doctoral studies. To apply for and be accepted to an
appropriate program.
5) To exercise a full hour everyday consistently. Now I am exercising
in spurts of 15 minutes, I expect this to total at least an hour per
day, everyday.

1. Lose 24 pounds.
2. Eat real meals, not just grazing on stuff all day.
3. Run outside 6 days a week once I stop going to the gym for the
4. Meet new people.
5. Say something nice to myself everyday.

Chef Joe

1) Daily morning exercise which will start at 10 and add one each day until I can’t do any more. The exercises will include the following.
4 Count Jumping Jacks

2) Reduce My current waist size of 44 to 42, and perhaps 40.
3) Walk for 20 minutes 5 days per week.
4) Eat at least one salad per day, and in general eat better.
5) Keep a log or blog of everything that I eat each day, and include interesting recipes.

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