Tuesday, July 04, 2006

FatGuyGetsFit- Ep 8- July4US, Jump In, BBQ Hacks

Fat Guy Gets Fit- Ep 8- July4US, Jump In, BBQ Hacks, Power Words, Maine-ly Megin, and Check-In on the 12 Week Fitness Challenge

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Project July4US. Come to Technorati and put the word "july4US" into the search bar. Hit enter, and explore all kinds of new media artists (podcasters, video podcasters, bloggers, vloggers and more) declaring their independence from big media.

Fitness tips from this episode came from Men's Health magazine online. The four exercises mentioned were from an article called build a beach-ready body. The exercises were:

  • Jumping Rope

  • Shuttle Run

  • Squat Thrust

  • Squat Thrust

  • Football Rundown

Nutrition covered Barbecue hacks. I talk about how it's a lot easier to get veggies into your diet when you can grill them, because hey- they taste more fun! I mention using root vegetables on the grill, too (beets, sweet potatoes, turnips, and vidalia onion). I give you my recipe for grilling corn (olive oil instead of butter, really), and I tell you how to make grilled pizza. Finally, I mention why you shouldn't overcook red meat, and I botch the name of the carcinogen. Dr. Weil mentions overcooking red meat can make something called "heterocyclic amines" or HCAs. (YOU wouldn't have remembered the name, either).

In Self-Esteem, I talk about using better words to help shape the way you look at yourself. I mention using power phrases, avoiding backhanded compliments, and attacking your own behaviors instead of attacking you as a person.

Katrina and I check in for week 3 of the 12 Week Fitness Challenge.

For a website review, I visit Maine-ly Megin, which is a great new blog that started up in response to our 12 Week Fitness Challenge. It's great! Come check it out.

That wraps it up. Come to the Grasshopper Factory for more creative content.

And please, send me email: chris |at| fatguygetsfit |dot| com. What do you guys think about setting up a forum or wiki? Good idea? Would you contribute? Who wants to jump in and record some bits for Fat Guy Gets Fit? Let me know!

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Blogger Rob said...

Hey Chris -

Another way to grill the corn is to soak it, husk on for 30 -45 minutes in cold water. You can either wrap them loosely in foil or grill directly. Excellent grill flavor, 0 added fat. Megin got me off butter with corn long ago and I've never looked back. The flavor is in the corn.

PS The same goes for lobster, no butter dipping. If you do, you are missing out.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

You are really reaching your stride with the show and I think it sounds great. Keep up the great work. Especially like hearing from Katrina! I'm sure she'll keep you in-line and on-target to reach (and excede) your goals. Keep it going man! Adam - B20

12:34 PM  

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