Friday, August 04, 2006

Fat Guy Gets Fit- Ep 12- Desktop Fitness, Nutrition Scouting Report, and the RBF

Fat Guy Gets Fit- Ep 12- Desktop Fitness, Nutrition Scouting Report, and the RBF

Kevin Kennedy-Spaien Brings Us Fitness for Desk Jockeys

Kevin Kennedy-Spaien of contributes a segment on fitness for those of us stuck at our desks all day. It's great, very tongue-in-cheek, and still very useful.

By the way, I make a big announcement in this episode, about Kevin's role in the future of Grasshopper New Media.

Nutrition Scouting Report is from Core Performance Essentials by Mark Verstegen

Mark's book is geared towards athletes, but is a great, all-encompassing book about mindsets, nutrition, and fitness. His section on nutrition is excellent, mentioning everything from the right time of day to eat, the Glycemic Index, and more. I strongly recommend picking up this book.

Fire Your Inner Critic

Your Inner Critic is that voice that tells you you're a poophead. It thinks it's being helpful. I think you need to fire your inner critic and hire an Inner Coach. The concept of Inner Critic comes from the book SELF-ESTEEM, by Dr. Matthew McKay. I credit this single book with turning my life around in 2003.

Check-in with Katrina

I dunno. I think I am going to win. But this week's check-in is really funny.

The Running Blog Family- Almost 900 Strong!

Mark Iocchelli and Aaron Trimble are running a great website called Complete Running. They're runners who blog. There's no way they could've envisioned just how many people would join a network of fitness and running enthusiasts, all gathered under the banner of the Running Blog Family.

900 members? That's 900 active writers talking about health and fitness. You want a support network? POW! Done.

Thank You

Thanks for listening to Fat Guy Gets Fit over the weeks. I appreciate it greatly. We're looking forward to how things get even better as we grow into part of the Health Hacks podcast in 5 or so weeks.

Come to Grasshopper New Media for more information.

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