Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fat Guy Gets Fit- Ep 13 Core Performance, Eating Out, The Spirit of Fat Guy Gets Fit, and

Fat Guy Gets Fit- Ep 13 Core Performance, Eating Out, The Spirit of Fat Guy Gets Fit, and About: 17:38 Minutes


For fitness this week, I talk about the beginning workout in CORE PERFORMANCE ESSENTIALS, by Mark Verstegen. The book has been reworked into a much more usable format, and I highly recommend it.

I talk about Mark's premise about pillar strength and the importance of movement, including shoulder strength, core strength, and hip strength. I talk about the new layout for working out and how I'll be implementing that over the next week.


I talk about eating out, with information on the various restaurants and what you might get when choosing food at those restaurants. That information also came from CORE PERFORMANCE ESSENTIALS, and it's another great reason why to pick up the book, even if you're a starter.


The Spirit of Fat Guy Gets Fit. I talk about why I do the show, including the fact that it keeps me honest, but also that I thought it was important to promote fitness, nutrition, and even self-esteem advice and tips that was fresh, new, and something you might keep trying. I also mention how I think Fat Guy Gets Fit will fit in with the upcoming Grasshopper New Media podcast, Health Hacks, with Kevin Kennedy-Spaien.

Website Review

Finally, I review Health-Hack, Kevin Kennedy-Spaien's current website, where his fitness and nutrition news is mixed with humor as well as stuff you can implement at once.


I basically begged you all to get in touch with me via email and other forms. Please!!! *sniffle*


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Blogger Mark I. said...

Hey! That was really fun. And you've convinced me to finally get Core Performance. The Pose Method relies heavily on having very good core and, especially hip strength.

Oh, am I a dummy for thinking your podcast link should be at the top of the post? I'm sorta thinking that's my first click and the show notes are support material?

I am no expert but as a reader/viewer, that would work better for me. Maybe other people would be able to provide a view on that. :)

7:49 AM  

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