Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fat Guy Gets Fit, Episode 15 - Wrapping it Up

Fat Guy Gets Fit, Episode 15 - Wrapping it Up

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Well, here it is, the last of Fat Guy Gets Fit, as a standalone podcast. I'm wrapping this podcast into a new show, the Health Hacks Podcast. I'm excited about this, and thrilled that I can cover the same great stuff I talk about at Fat Guy Gets Fit at the new site.

On Location

I start with a quick interview with Megin and *almost* all of her family about a triathlon she participated in and completed. It was so exciting to be there for the event.

Everyday Systems

Next up, Reinhard talks about all kinds of advice and plans that he uses to make his fitness and nutrition work. I love it. There are some great rules in there that make sense to me. You can get more information at Everyday Systems.com.

PodCamp Boston

I give a quick shout to PodCamp Boston, and beg you to come.

iPod Ear and Parkour

Kevin Kennedy-Spaien, host of the Health Hacks Podcast and owner of Health Hack.com, talks to us first about iPod ear, and then about Parkour.

Check out these links for what Kevin's talking about. Crazy stuff!





Jimmy Moore of Livin' La Vida LowCarb talks about exercise, fads, and how people have gotten away from exercising and doing the basics of working out.

12 Week Challenge Cut Short

Please get in touch. Send email or comment on the blog. Send email to chris at fatguygetsfit dot com. Tell us how you did. Be sure to send your mailing address, because there are some prizes coming out.

I'd say Katrina won the challenge, by the way.


Be sure to go to the Health Hacks Podcast for the new and improved show.

The 15 Episodes we did of Fat Guy Gets Fit are dedicated to Megin, Rob, Aidan, Clay, and L.
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